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Our Fees

At ASL Solicitors & Advocates, our team can advise, assist and represent you in the following areas of Criminal Law;

Initial Consultation - FREE up to 20 mins

A full breakdown and list of services fees can be seen below:

We offer Initial Agreed Fee Packages which can include representation at the First Magistrates’ Court Hearing ranging from £750.00 up £3,000.00.

The fee depends upon the complexity of your case, number of offences you are facing prosecution for, the type of offence(s) and the amount of preparation time involved with your case.

For any further information on our fees and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact out team of Criminal Lawyers on 0121 507 1030.


Initial Consultation                                       –           FREE up to 20 mins

Children Arrangements


Children Act Proceedings
       All work up to filing proceedings        –           £800.00

First Hearing                                                  –        £500.00

Dispute Resolution Appointment               –            £750.00

Final Hearing                                                 –           £1,200.00

*All interim work between hearings          –           Costs to be agreed

Divorce and Dissolution

As Petitioner                                                 –           £600.00

As Respondent                                              –           £500.00


To Agree Financial Settlement  
       (Pre-Court with Financial Disclosure)               –              £2,500.00

Preliminary Work
       (up to but excluding First Hearing)                   –              £2,500.00

First Hearing                                                            –              £400.00 – £750.00

Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing                      –              £750.00 – £1,000.00

*All interim work between hearings                         –              Costs to be agreed

Domestic Violence

Drafting Application and filing with
       Court                                                       –           £500.00 – £750.00

Arranging Personal Service of documents      –           £75.00 – £100.00

Representation at First Hearing                      –           £400.00 – £750.00

Representation at Final Hearing                      –           £850.00 – £1,200.00

*All interim work between hearings                –           Costs to be agreed

*The interim work will vary but may include obtaining/exchanging evidence, drafting Statements/Statements in response, preparing and agreeing Court Bundles and/or instructing Counsel

The above is just a guide. Your costs may be significantly lower or higher depending on the complexity of the work to be undertaken.


We offer a range of other services and can assist you as of when you require our services for which our costs can be agreed, depending on the complexity of the work.

Statutory Declarations                                 –           £150.00

Drafting Statements                                     –           Costs to be agreed depending on complexity

Change of Name Deeds                                –           £100.00

Power of Attorneys                                      –           £75.00 – £150.00

Pre-Nuptial Agreements                              –           £600.00 – £1,200.00

Post-Nuptial Agreements                            –           £600.00 – £1,200.00