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We can advise and assist you regarding all matters involving issues relating to children, divorce and separation proceedings and finances. Our team of Solicitors with many years of experience are passionate about representing and striving to get the best outcome for our clients. We have a great reputation for getting the best results and we are able to assist wherever you are based


A divorce can be an incredibly stressful & difficult time. The aftermath can be extremely hard on individuals. Where there are children involved, it can be traumatic as children can end up being the subject of bitter and acrimonious custody battles. A number of questions present themselves, that will need to be considered:

We deal with our clients cases with the greatest degree of passion and empathy and look for a result that is in our client’s best interests and their children’s. Our team of lawyers are trained in the following areas:


We can assist you in Family Law matters involving children, divorce and separation proceedings and finances.

We offer a FREE initial 20 minute conversations where you can ask questions to get peace of mind and ensure that you are talking to the right experts.

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As a parent, you will want to spend time with your child on a regular basis. We can advise and help you to achieve this in a manner that best suits you by negotiation or with the assistance of the Courts.
We are able to help resolve a number of other complex issues such as where the child will reside, major decision making for the child as well as how much time each parent will get with the child.

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As stated above, our team will guide you through the complexities of the divorce & ensure the best outcomes for you. Call now for your free initial consultation and we will book a confidential timeslot that suits your convenience & diary. This is a discreet service and we work to accommodate your circumstances.

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Sometimes, an annulment is a possible alternative to getting a divorce. The courts may declare the marriage void for certain specific reasons. We can advise if this is an appropriate option for you & guide you through the process.

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Domestic Violence

Have you been the victim of domestic violence? We have experience in dealing with domestic violence & our lawyers have established relationships with external organisations too so that we help you achieve a long-lasting solution.

We are not aiming for a temporary solution (as the Police do). We can obtain a legal injunction that helps where there is continued abuse.

This can be physical or psychological abuse. Call now to arrange a discreet consultation. We can help you to identify your next steps and best options.

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Financial Issues

One of the hardest challenges in any situation, whether it’s a divorce, annulment or other is to determine what happens to the financial assets. We are here and waiting to help you through this. You have a number of options and these will be set out to you, we will guide you through these.

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Children should be allowed to see their parents, their grandparents and also, other family members. Most often, when a divorce or other separation is taking place, the family members are completely overlooked and this can have consequences on both the child and the family members too.
However, the law recognises the important role family members have. We can advise and provide sensible options for your next steps so that you are well informed and can have contact with the children.

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Legal & Judicial Separation

A legal separation is a mechanism where you are separated but you do not necessarily wish the marriage to be ended. This may be for those who are experiencing challenges in their marriage but are not yet ready to end it or perhaps you just want some time away from it. This option is available to you. Contact our experts now and we will arrange a free consultation to take you through the various options.

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This is a mechanism where you can safeguard certain personal assets in the event of a divorce. Our experts can take you through the mechanism and guide you as to you best options. This will include drafting the agreement itself. Call now to speak to one of our experts and book your free initial consultation.